Is it worth buying genuine motorcycle parts if second hand is cheaper?

Is it worth buying genuine motorcycle parts if second hand is cheaper?

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Most motorcycle lovers, one time or the other they have come across the need to replace their motorcycle parts. Many times, it is actually a hurdle to decide whether you to replace the parts with genuine new one or replace with second hand parts. Genuine parts are usually newly made parts from either the manufacturer or other dealers. The second hand parts are usually already used parts and are usually resolved to some other circumstances. These parts are usually taken off from other motorcycles of the same kind. The latter is usually cheaper but weighing the pros and cons of buying both parts can help one decide on the most appropriate choice to take. Is there anything wrong with buying a cheaper and used Honda parts and do they scream poor quality? What situation do both kinds of parts come in handy? To answer these questions lets come up with a list of pros and cons of both parts so that one makes an informed decision when choosing which type of parts should go in your motorcycle. With this, the motorcycle lovers will be able to strike a balance between quality, cost, and efficiency – explore more.

Second hand parts


Less expensive, usually the already used parts are less expensive than the genuinely new parts. The amount of money one saves is usually dependent on the brand of the motorcycle. If the parts price sounds way too cheap make sure to check the parts cautiously and ask questions about its quality.

The quality of this Honda parts can either be greater or equal to the genuine parts. In the end, you might end up having better quality parts than the ones you had. These second hand parts can be refurbished therefore retaining or increasing their qualities. This is because once the parts are extracted the mechanic can check out the weaknesses and try solving it, therefore, increasing the motorcycle performance.

Using second hand parts can give you a variety of choices due to its affordable cost. You can walk into any motorcycle repair store and you are assured of a part that fits your motorcycle.


Sometimes quality may vary greatly. We all know the fact that goes “cheap is expensive”. Most of the time this Honda parts maybe overworked therefore they may lose their original quality. This weakens their performance and effectiveness of the parts. When choosing second hand parts it is good to pick the ones that have been refurbished. You should also check the durability and ask for professional advice from your mechanic.

Overwhelming selection, if you are not familiar with the brands in the market do not be too quick to pick out the parts for your motorcycle. In this kind of situation, proper assertion and professional support are important.

Genuine Parts


It is easier to choose the kind of parts you need. When you go to any dealership and ask for any part you don’t have to stress about assessing the quality or brand or price. These are because these parts are easy to locate.

There is an assurance of quality. The genuine parts work as perfectly as the ones you are replacing. This provides a sense of familiarity and peace of mind for the motorcycle owner.


Some of these parts need to be bought directly from the dealership. This maybe stressing sometimes because it may limit the number of places one can purchase them.

Genuine parts can be expensive and less affordable than the second-hand parts since they are new.

Sometimes quality may not be superior. With so much enthusiasm you pay more money for genuine parts in hope for better quality and in the end, you end up with a poor-quality part. Sometime you might be paying more money for the same quality parts as a second hand one or even a worse kind of part.

So which is the best way to go?

All genuine parts are created equal but most of the second-hand ones may not be the same. From this, it may clearly bring out the advantages and disadvantages of both parts. If you are familiar with your motorcycle repairs, second-hand parts might work well for you and end up saving you a lot of money. But if you’re not familiar, please stick to the genuine parts to save your peace of mind although some more cash may come in handy.

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