How to Transform a Rural Landscape into a Financial Powerhouse in Just 80 Years

How to Transform a Rural Landscape into a Financial Powerhouse in Just 80 Years

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The world population is growing, and rapidly. Many experts wonder if in the next few decades we will have enough resources or even food to properly feed and adequately provide for future generations. This is a result of a natural process, which has seen the world’s population increase decade after decade during the last several centuries. Are we reaching a tipping point? There have been many advances in agriculture, which hold the promise of being able to meet the challenges of the future. We are also beginning to unlock the potential of some of the most common renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and even tides, in an effort to meet future energy demands.

The story of vast and sometimes uncontrolled expansion from city centres outwards into rural areas has been repeated in many of the modern industrialized nations. But it is also an important statistic in some of the emerging global economies, such as India. With more industrialization comes greater wealth, but also a constant strain on resources and the ability to feed and house all of the new arrivals. There are some areas in the world, however, that have shown how to properly manage this growth in ways that are effective and allow for a planned, progressive growth.

Financial Powerhous

Business Is a Primary Driver

Many countries, as well as individual communities, want to be able to transform themselves from a purely agricultural society to a modern manufacturing and commercial centre. There are many examples of cities and communities, such as Johannesburg, South Africa, where this has progressed over time in a way that has allowed the community to maintain a balance between growth and unregulated chaos. The city of Sandton, just north of Johannesburg, is a good example of a town which has made the progression from rural community to business centre. Here, any businessman can enjoy the convenience and comfort of first-class hotels, such as the Maslow, where they will be able to conduct their business in a relaxed and efficient way.

Evolving from Cows to Rands

Sometimes the evolution of a community happens in an orderly, planned way, and sometimes events trigger change that would have otherwise been completely unpredictable. Sandton is a good example of the latter. It really began as a wealthy community north of Johannesburg, where equestrian farms and ranches were the norm. It only took four decades for progress to come knocking on its door. When the first major shopping centre was built in 1970, the die was cast for progress.

The real trigger change, however occurred in 2000, when the South African bourse abruptly changed its name to JSE Securities Exchange and departed from downtown Johannesburg, where it had been active for over 113 years. Where did it move to? Sandton and that one action triggered a series of events which transformed this once sleepy rural community into the central financial district for all of South Africa. Today, all of the major banks, investment houses and international financial representatives find their home in the central business district of Sandton. As a result, this once sleepy hamlet has become an international hub of activity.

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