How to Make Life a Little More Like a Computer Games

How to Make Life a Little More Like a Computer Games

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Blockbuster computer games are just awesome these days. The graphics tend to be almost photo-realistic and the best tend to feature huge sprawling worlds that you can explore at your own pace.

All this only serves to make the content of those games all the more awesome. It means that you can almost sample what it would actually be like to be a ninja leaping down the side of a building and fighting a Trex as you fall. You can imagine that you’re a giant robot exploring the moon, or a race car driver who’s gone off the track and is now hurtling through the Grand Canyon. Computer games are designed to turn you into the kind of imaginary hero that you always wanted to be and to give you the kind of action packed adventures that you don’t get enough of in real life.

But if you are keen to, then there are a number of ways you can make your real life a little bit more like those games. Read on to see how you can fill your life with action and adventure and make it that bit closer to Ninja Gaiden, Tomb Raider or whatever other game you love playing.

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Develop Yourself

Computer games let you walk in the shoes of badass heroes and studies have shown that this can actually improve your self-esteem.

You don’t need to play a computer game though to feel awesome – why not work on developing yourself in all the ways that will make you a bit more like a ‘larger than life’ hero. That might mean developing your confidence by taking up acting lessons, it might be adopting a cooler and more individual dress sense (that doesn’t mean copying someone else’s!), or it might mean working out and developing impressive muscle.

Develop Yourself

Also useful is to learn a range of skills that will make you more action-hero-esque. For instance you could take up bow huntingand turn yourself into Rambo, or you could learn Martial Arts, or you could learn how to pick locks. These are the sorts of skills that don’t come in handy that often in real life, but when they do? You’ll feel like a boss!

Have Adventures

Now you have the skills, you just need to have the adventures to give you that sense of adrenaline and freedom. Where can you get such adrenaline? You could always try rock climbing for example, you could try diving, or you could try paragliding. Or how about parkour? Parkour will make you feel like a super-hero leaping over the tops of buildings, and you won’t even need to pay for a class or travel anywhere to try it!


And if you want to enjoy the sense of open adventure you get from a game like Skyrim, then just head somewhere you’ve never been before and explore. It doesn’t even need to be abroad – just anywhere scenic and interesting in driving distance will do.

The best computer games are the large open sandboxes that let you do anything – but none even come close to real life!

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