How to Destroy Your Guest Blogging Relationship in 5 Easy Tips

How to Destroy Your Guest Blogging Relationship in 5 Easy Tips

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Guest blogging is an effective link building operation in safe hands. Done well, it can produce relevant, authoritative links to your website. It is a relatively simple process, yet it can often go wrong. Then why do some marketers fail so badly?

  • “I can give you loads of content.” Bloggers are approached by guest bloggers all the time; they have an abundance of content. Most of the content they are offered is of good quality, so they really don’t need your content. There are far more writers searching for quality blogging sites than there are sites. Competition is rife, so you need to be careful in your approach to the blogger.
  • “I know nothing about you or your site, but you must want my content.” It is only polite to find out something about the blogger’s site, who they are and what they want to achieve. What opinions they have and what kind of material they publish are very important to them – and should be to you, too.
  • “Here’s my pitch, I can give you content tomorrow.” You can fill your potential blogging partner’s inbox with pitches, which is annoying in itself, but not replying when you get a response is a big no-no. Worse than that is sending over some generic blurb article that is badly written, which he can’t publish.

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  • “I haven’t taken the time to check this.” If you can’t be bothered to present your blog post with sub-headings, images and correct spelling, why should the blogger accept it? Have the decency to do your part well, and you’re on the way to a good working relationship.
  • “I need to contact the blogger afterwards?” Yes, you do. Apart from the fact that you might want to place posts on the blogger’s site in the future, it helps to build a relationship if you say thanks. Leaving the blogger in the lurch just makes him feel used and abused. You’ve grabbed the link and run.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls

Build a rapport with the blogger; they are human, after all. Never forget that you need them more than they need you. Find out what kind of site they have and the values they want to portray. When you write your blog post, make sure you target their niche and speak in the same voice. Suggest ideas for the kind of post you are thinking of writing so they know what to expect. Most of all, be warm and friendly, just as you would be with a face-to-face relationship.


Guest blogging is simple if you know what to do and how to do it. Taking the time to build relationships with bloggers will pay for itself in bucket loads. If you don’t have the time to do this, then employ an expert guest blogging service from a provider like Ocere who already has a network of blogger relationships set up.

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