Four Sizzling Tips That’ll Make Your BBQ a Feast to Remember

Four Sizzling Tips That’ll Make Your BBQ a Feast to Remember

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There is nothing more exciting than getting the BBQ out and prepared ready for the warmer months of the year. A BBQ provides a fantastic opportunity to get together with friends and family, in an outdoor environment, whilst enjoying great food and drink. However, even though many of you have probably enjoyed a nice barbeque for many years, you can always improve on the food you are producing. This post provides you with a number of tips to ensure that your BBQ goes with a bang.

Never Cook Cold Meat

Most people take meat straight from the fridge and put it directly onto the BBQ, but if one thing is going to improve the taste and tenderness of your meat it’s allowing you to come back to room temperature before you place it on the BBQ. One of the most annoying factors about cooking meat on the BBQ is getting the meat to cook on the inside, without burning it to a crisp on the outside. However, by allowing your meat to go back to room temperature, the middle is going to be a little warmer, thus making it easier to cook as well.


Don’t Believe Your Meat Has to Be Thick

Many of us seem to put huge slabs of thick meat straight onto the BBQ, but often this leaves the outside burnt to a cinder, while the inside is still raw. By ensuring you have thinner cuts of meat you can easily avoid this problem. The thinner your meat is, the easier it is for the inside to become cooked. Your steaks should be no thicker than half an inch and you should then knead and flatten them with your hands until they are about half the thickness. This also helps to tenderize the meat, thus ensuring it is going to be more flavorsome.


Leave the Meat Alone

There is a tendency to poke and prod and constantly turn meat over on the BBQ. However, one of the best things about having a BBQ is the caramelised crust that is only typically produced when you cook your meat on a BBQ, but this in truth never happens if you are constantly playing with the meat. You should only be turning your meat once or twice throughout the whole process, and don’t get into the habit of squashing the meat down, as this simply allows all the juices to run free, thus leaving you with very dry meat. You should also be aware that piercing a sausage has exactly the same effect, and sadly your sausages are going to dry out as well.



Just as you would when you remove a joint of meat from the oven, you must let BBQ meat rest as well. If you place cooked meat straight onto the plate the second you have taken it off the BBQ, the juices typically run everywhere. However, you can avoid this completely, whilst keeping your meat fresh and juicy, by allowing it to rest for a few minutes.

If you have a particularly large party, or want to wow your guests, you don’t actually have to do the cooking yourself. There are now numerous companies which provide BBQ catering, thus ensuring you have the perfect food and also allowing you to spend time with your guests. This form of catering is becoming increasing popular nowadays.

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