Creating Web Design That Can Represent a Specific Locality

Creating Web Design That Can Represent a Specific Locality

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There are many instances when a website has to be designed in a way that reflects the locality of the business or brand it represents. This usually happens when building websites for local businesses and government offices. There will be defining or prominent features of an area that have to be incorporated in the design.

What are the things to be considered? What attributes need to be highlighted? Which specific prominent features should go into which parts of the website? How do you know if you are indeed picking the right attributes to integrate into the design? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered when designing a website that infuses a local flavor.

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This discussion will use the process of creating web design for Cheltenham tourism as an example. Obviously, tourism websites have to be conspicuously representative of the area they are being created for. It’s never right to be generic, to simply adopt readily available templates or themes. There has to be customisation and a conscious effort of representing the town.

Representing the Identity

A town, city, or locality usually has a distinct identity that can be brought into a website’s design. In the case of Cheltenham, it is being a spa town — a large spa town. It will be a waste not to build the town’s tourism site design on its spa or bathing place nature. Being a place for relaxation, it would be good to use an informal and fun overall site structure. The fonts should not look stuffy or too formal.

Aside from being a spa town, Cheltenham is also well-known for its British steeplechase horse racing event, the Gold Cup, which serves as the main event of the Cheltenham Festival. The Cup’s identity or semblance may also be incorporated in the design. Of course, this does not mean making the site look the official Gold Cup website. The goal is simply to highlight the prominent things that are easily associated with the town.

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Representing the Attractions

The local attractions can be represented in the photos or through background images of the website. The attractions can also be given their separate sections or photo galleries. When it comes to the photos used, it’s important to choose high quality shots without necessarily going for high resolutions. Image sizes should still be optimized to avoid making the website load slowly.

Representing the Colors

When choosing colors, a good reference to use would be the official seal or flag of Cheltenham. Cheltenham has blue, red, and light orange as the most prominent colors of its seal. Taken together with the fact that Cheltenham is a spa town, it would be logical to have a website with blue as the most abundant color, followed by light orange, red, and the hues in between.

Dong web design for Cheltenham tourism or for any other town should not be done randomly. Design coherence should be observed. The output should be a good representation of the town. Thankfully, many web designers nowadays, just like Montpellier Media, can be expected to deliver outstanding results.

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