Check for adrenaline! Try bungee jumping Slovenia

Check for adrenaline! Try bungee jumping Slovenia

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The site of bungee jumping Slovenia is breath taking…. Literally. And figuratively. The location of bungee jumping Slovenia is one of the most beautiful locations for bungee jumping in Europe. Bungee jumping Slovenia by Altitude activities means bungee jumps from the 55m-high bridge of Solkan, stretching above the beautiful emerald beauty, the Soča River.

Bungee jumping is one of the most adventurous and extreme sports that have ever been invented, it is a proper adrenaline rush like no other. In addition, bungee jumping Slovenia pushes bungee jumping a bit further. Not only that with bungee jumping Slovenia you try extreme of the extremes, you do this in an amazing surroundings and while enjoying spectacular views.

Do you dare?

Our calm, yet excited guides will make sure you are 100% safe and calm. Altitude activities guides are known to be a bunch of the most fun and experienced guides you have ever met. Which means they will prepare you for the jump, mentally and by giving you the best possible equipment. Perhaps they will even play some music to get you in the right move for the jump of your life. IT will get your heart pumping and it is a great self-esteem booster. Bungee jumping Slovenia really is exhilarating one-of-a-kind experience.

Bungee jumping Slovenia is a magical experience, it is thrilling, scary, you face your fears and jump. And while in the air, you forget everything, all worries and fears are forgotten, and you just enjoy the experience.

Amazing bungee jumping Slovenia

You can make a whole day amazing trip while bungee jumping Slovenia. It is located right next to the oldest Slovenian railway track, more than a hundred years old Vienna-Trieste line, renowned for its many tunnels and running along the gorgeous Soča River.

Try bungee jumping Slovenia by Altitude activities, it is going to be one of the best experiences you ever had!

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