Beginners Guide to Understanding the Six Course French Meal a Little Better

Beginners Guide to Understanding the Six Course French Meal a Little Better

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French food is preferred by several people for a special lunch or dinner party because some of the world’s best recipes come from France or are inspired by the place. French delicacies are considered one of the world’s finest and it is certainly no surprise why most people opt for French meal during special occasions.

Cherish the Meal!

If you have ever visited France, you would definitely know that one thing the French never do while eating, is rushing! With the several courses being offered by the French, everyone should be very careful to enjoy the tastes and the feel of different varieties. It is very crucial not to rush during the French meal as you should take out time to savor it and enjoy every bit of it with people around you.

French Meal

Here is an elaborated breakdown of the traditional French food meal into six different courses.

Course 1: Hors D’oeuvres

This is definitely not the starter. If you are serving a full fledge French food, then by all means the first dish should be hors d’oeuvres. The rough translation of hors d’oeuvres is ‘out of the works’. Here, ‘works’ is related to the main course and its main purpose is to stimulate appetite and not to fill up a person’s stomach, before the lunch starts.

Hors D'oeuvres

Course 2: The Fish Course

The meal you would experience is a lighter fish course along with few vegetables. However, make sure to keep this course small and light too. This aims at serving a citrus sorbet that prepares the taste buds for the exquisite main course.

The Fish Course

Course 3: The Main Course

The main course is mainly the traditional meat dish. Meat is the main focus here along with few potatoes and vegetables. Traditional meat like beef, lamb or pork or even poultry is considered ideal. Apart from this, there are plenty of other traditional recipes to choose from.

The Main Course

Course 4: The Salad Course

This course aims to cleanse the palate along with helping to aid digestion. Just a few greens with vinaigrette are served in this course. This can be either kept very simple or customized as per demand.

The Salad Course

Course 5: The Cheese Plate

This is considered as the last course for family meals with dessert being served for some special occasions. This course offers some cheese with few fruits that people can savor for very long. French cuisine is quite famous for cheese. But, make sure to taste the rich range of cheese right from light to rich stilton.

The Cheese Plate

Course 6: The Dessert

For some special occasions, quite and rich indulgent beautiful decorated sweet is offered as the last course. Consider avoiding heavy and rich puddings and try something lighter, but sweeter. And, to finish the six course meal, coffee is considered to be the most ideal option.

The Dessert

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Author Bio – Douglas Brown has always been a big fan of the French delicacies, but he has developed a special affection over the last 3 years, due to frequent visits to Paris as a part of his job role.

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