A look into parking lost construction

A look into parking lost construction

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Parking lot construction varies depending on a number of factors such as; the slope, sites soil, storm water drainage and land utilization cost. The type of surface also plays a huge role in the overall construction design. Other than these site specific variables, the materials and cost of labor should also be taken into account.Permeable pavers provides for half the running cost compared to the concrete construction. It also comes with superb features that are more cost effective compared to the traditional paving techniques.

You will also benefit from its low maintenance costs with an estimated life cycle of between 25 to 60 years. Due to the retention and detention of storm water, it doesn’t need any additional land purchase or expensive drainage systems compared to the traditional paving systems. Since it is a cooler paving solution, it prevents the heat island effect which in turn lowers the building cooling cost

parking lost construction

Bring the overall construction cost down

If you are thinking of establishing a new parking space then the parking lot construction cost is always a major concern. There are several large expenses that are both immediate and also re-occur in the future. All these expenses can be measured with the true grid paver system. Given that land can be completely utilize dreserving 30% of the land for retention, truegrid paver system uses the parking itself as a retention/detention area

This is the main reason why the primary expense for detention/retention ponds are eliminated. The labor cost are also much lower when installing the true grid system with about 1000 square feet being laid out in about I hour.

Alternative options when constructing parking lots

It’s common to only consider parking lots when constructing driveways, but you don’t stop to think about the future implications of the materials used. If you ought to prevent the island effect then you will definitely have lower cooling bills in the summer. Given that it comes with no maintenance cost, you won’t have to incur grading gravel repaving or patching costs.

Alternative options when

Issues affecting the construction of parking spaces

The number of parking levels – The number of parking levels has a huge bearing towards the construction of the parking spaces. In most cases, the construction cost would vary by location due to the regional factors such as cost of labor and availability of materials. Other factors such as soil conditions and the seismic regionals also play a huge role.

Parking below grade – Parking below grade is more expensive compared to parking above grade. That being the case, a parking structure that is 5 level above grade might cost $50 per square foot. On the other hand, if the same structure increases by about 15% to 57 square foot the cost increases significantly.

The structural systems – About 60 to 70 % of the cost of parking is inclined to the structural systems in place. In such instances, the selection of the framing system has a significant bearing towards the cost of the parking spaces. There are generally two designs of structural framing systems in place that is the long-span and short span. Long-span systems will definitely cost more compared to the short-span systems.

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