5 Places That Windsocks Are Used Everyday

5 Places That Windsocks Are Used Everyday

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Windsocks are great because they fly in the wind and show people nearby how strong it is and the direction of it. You might not realise it, but windsocks are used in many more industries than just airports. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the places that windsocks are used every day. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


The most obvious place that uses windsocks every day is in the airports. Air traffic control staff, pilots and ground staff use the windsocks to see how strong the wind is. They can then plan the flight and the take off using this information and it can be very valuable. At an airport, you’ll see plenty of windsocks so make sure to look out for them next time you’re there.

Chemical Plants

When you are moving about dangerous chemicals you are putting yourself and the people around you at risk. Of course, many businesses rely on dangerous chemicals for their processes and so they need to be transported from time to time. This is why you will find plenty of windsocks at any sort of chemical plant. When the wind is too strong, the person in charge can decide that it is not safe to transport dangerous chemicals.

Golf Courses

Many people enjoy a round of golf from time to time and others go a few times a week. In golf, the speed and the direction of the wind is very important as you will need to know where the ball is going to go. This is why you’ll find windsocks all around golf courses helping golfers with their shots. Without this information, many pro golfers would struggle.


When you are heading out on a boat, you need to make sure that the conditions are good enough to ensure your safety. This is why at many coastlines and ports, you’ll find a few windsocks. These can easily tell any sailors or captains about the speed and the direction of the wind and so they are able to have a safer journey. Windsocks can come in very hand in this sort of location.

Prison Facilities

The final place that windsocks are often used is in prison facilities. This is because when things get a bit rough, prison guards tend to use some sort of chemicals to disperse the crowd or control it. They need to make sure that they are keeping their staff away from the chemicals to ensure that they can do their job properly. Crowd control chemicals are important sometimes, so the windsocks need to be used to aid the dispersion of it.

Final Verdict

You might be surprised to know that windsocks are actually used in a lot of places every day. Many businesses rely on windsocks to function and so need to head to a reliable supplier to keep their business running safely.

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