Why Pet Rescue is the Place to Go When Looking for a Dog as a Family Pet

Why Pet Rescue is the Place to Go When Looking for a Dog as a Family Pet

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If you are considering giving in to your kid’s constant requests for a puppy dog, rather than looking for a dog breeder, why not give a young dog a second chance at a good life? There are so many dogs that are taken in by rescue organisations, who, through no fault of their own, were dumped by their owners, and if they are lucky, they make it to a dog rescue organisation. If their luck holds out, a new home is waiting for them in the very near future, when someone spots them sitting in their cage and decides he is right for them.

Aspects to Consider

Prior to setting off to a pet rescue centre, there are a few important things to consider. When you rescue a pet, you are taking on a long-term commitment that could stretch to 15 years, or even longer in some cases. If you are not prepared for such an undertaking, perhaps you should reconsider, as the reasons why almost 1,000 dogs per year are abandoned in Australia alone, is mainly due to a lack of commitment.

Suitable Breed

There are many breeds of dog, and spending some time doing a bit of online research is a great idea. Generally speaking, the bigger the dog, the more exercise they need, and if you have a young family, this should be taken into account when selecting a breed of dog. When choosing a dog from a rescue centre, you might not have a full complement of breeds to choose from, but you will at least have some background information about the animal. Adopting a young dog of 2-3 years will give you many years together, and he is still young enough to be trained, while even an older dog can adjust his behaviour to fit in with a new environment, especially with some positive reinforcement.

Preparing for His Arrival

Prior to visiting a dog rescue venue, you should have a few things in place, such as a food and water bowl, suitable bedding, and once you have chosen your dog, you will know what size collar to buy. You and your family should sit down and decide the rules for your new family member, which might include staying off the furniture and not being allowed access into certain rooms of the house. It is essential that all family members are aware of the rules, as this will result in consistent behaviour, which will help your pet understand what he can and cannot do.

Pet Insurance

It is wise to take out some form of pet insurance, and with a quick online search, you can find a leading Australian pet insurance provider who would have a range of packages to suit every budget. There are policies that cover everything from vaccinations to puppy training, while other policies cover emergency treatment only, and once you have chosen the policy that suits you best, a secure online payment sees your puppy covered from day one.

If you pay a dog rescue facility a visit, you will find a dog that deserves a better life, and you and your family will have a faithful companion for many years.


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