What to do If You’re Attacked

What to do If You’re Attacked

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These days the streets are seemingly less and less of a safe place, and it’s more and more terrifying walking them alone at night. Constantly we see reports on the news of people getting attacked or mugged and you don’t have to walk far in most urban areas to come across an intimidating group that make you want to cross the road.

Of course in reality it’s no good living in fear. While incidents do happen, they are nevertheless rare and can often be avoided. And if they do occur, then there are a number of things you can do to try and ensure a good outcome.


The first and most important tip is to comply with muggers if you can. If you are asked to hand over your wallet, then you should. As much as this is unfair and frustrating, it’s nevertheless the safest option. If you refuse then the situation may become violent and for all you know your muggers may be carrying a knife.

Hand over your money and try not to do anything to antagonise your attackers.

carrying a knife

If Compliance is Not an Option

Of course not every attacker will be interested in your money – some will just want a fight and this leaves you with little defence. In this case what you should try and do is to attract attention by yelling and to run. You can try to slow down your attackers before running by kicking them in the shin for instance, but your main priority should be to get away and to get into a populated and lit area. This could even mean knocking on a strangers’ door.

Not only should this put off your assailants, but it should also ensure that you have witnesses who may later be able to help you in a court of law.

Follow Up

Immediately after the incident you should file a report with the police so they are aware of what happened. At the same time you should think about any CCTV cameras or witnesses that may be able to help. From here you will be able to get in touch with a criminal attorney who in turn may be able to help you press charges – helping you get your things back and possible compensation. This way you should be able to get your things back – another important reason not to be a hero!

CCTV cameras

Also important is to immediately cancel any cards if they were stolen. Inform the bank of what happened, and in most cases they will refund you the money immediately as long as you are happy to involve the police.

Finally, the most important thing of all is to ensure that you are okay and that any members of your party are as well. Seek immediate medical attention even if you think you are fine to avoid complications.

Being attacked is a highly unpleasant experience, but if you are smart you can avoid serious injury and possibly see justice carried out as well. Stay safe!

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