Vitamin C Serum: How it Works to Protect your Skin from Free Radicals

Vitamin C Serum: How it Works to Protect your Skin from Free Radicals

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The benefits of vitamin C to the health have long been known in the world. This vitamin is a potent antioxidant which helps in boosting the natural defense of the body. Are you aware that vitamin C serum will give protection to your skin from premature aging? The same qualities of antioxidant for warding off colds can help in protecting the skin from damaging free radicals. You can choose to smear oranges right into your face. You can give you skin the vitamin C it needs in other effective ways.

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Knowing what Free Radicals Are

Do you know what makes apples brown in the air? It is oxidation. This process takes place in the body on a daily basis. This involves the dying of cells and generation of new cells in the body. As the body metabolizes oxygen, one percent of cells are likely to be damaged during the process. Such damaged cells are the free radicals. This term is taken from the lack of a crucial molecule. They tend to go find this missing molecule from the healthy cells. As they do this, they can also damage the DNA or healthy cells. It is possible for the damaged cells to grow abnormally and replicate. Free radicals are associated to cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and some kinds of cancers.

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The Effects of Free Radicals to the Skin

Because of environmental factors, the skin is under consistent attack from such rogue cells. Too much exposure to the sun, smoking and environmental pollutants are some of the activities the unleash skin free radicals. As free radicals attack the skin cells, they break down the collagen and elastin layers. Without such proteins, the skin will start to sag and wrinkles will take place increasing the appearance of ageing. Sun exposure that causes free radical damage can trigger the production of melanin in the skn which causes pigmentation. How the Body Fights Off

The body has a natural defense system which helps in neutralizing the effects caused by such toxic molecules. Antioxidants like vitamin C are best to eliminate free radicals from the body. There will be interaction between the antioxidants and radicals stabilizing the latter to prevent them from causing harm.

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Choosing a Quality Vitamin C Serum

In order to reap the most benefits of vitamin C for the skin, increasing mineral intake is not enough. It is important to apply a high concentration vitamin C serum directly to the skin. The skin care product that you pick must have a 10 percent concentration to enjoy significant benefits. Perusing the shelves at a local supermarket will help you find a lot of skin care creams which claim to have vitamin C. Check the package and you will find the concentration to be usually quite small. Also, vitamin C is not stable. It tends to turn brown and oxidizes in the air. Because of this, make sure that you get the serum that is not in a jar. Taking the lead off the jar will have the vitamin C becoming inactive.

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