The Top 5 Most Humane Ways To Keep Your Toronto Home Rodent-Free

The Top 5 Most Humane Ways To Keep Your Toronto Home Rodent-Free

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It is increasingly common for Toronto homeowners to experience issues with rodents from time to time. One problem with common forms of pest control is that many measures are inhumane. Standard rodent bait can cause internal bleeding that prolongs the suffering of the rodent. Here are the top five most humane ways to keep your Toronto home rodent-free.

#1. Review Your Trash Storage

Food waste in garbage is the most likely cause of rodent problems. Quite often, homeowners attract mice to their yard by keeping food waste in open trash cans on their property. Once rodents start to nest in the garden, it’s only a matter of time before they start to migrate towards the nearest house. For most homes, reviewing trash storage is all that’s required to eliminate a rodent problem. Here’s how to get started:

  • Keep food waste in metal or heavy-duty plastic trashcans with secure lids.

rodent problems

  • Only take out trash on the morning of the collection.
  • If you compost food waste, keep the compost pile as far away from your home as possible.

#2. Review Your Food Storage

Once you are sure that trash isn’t a problem, look at how you store food in your home. If you store food in your cupboards or pantry, you are potentially creating a reason for rodents to visit your home. Ensure that all your food is kept in containers with lids that prevent rodents from being attracted to it.

#3. Rodent-Proof Your Home

Most humane pest control companies offer ‘mouse-proofing’ services. They even offer a guarantee for their work. This service involves finding every possible source of entry to a home and blocking it off. It is an expensive method of rodent control but exceptionally humane and long-lasting. According to WSPA Canada, the Canadian arm of an international charity dedicated to raising the standards of animal welfare, some firms will guarantee the effectiveness of this service for up to three years. Trained specialists conduct a painstaking fingertip search of your property, humanely dispose of nests and professionally seal off any places that rodents could be entering.

Rodent Proof Home

#4. Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Although it will take you much longer than a professional, it is possible to rodent-proof your home by yourself. Your secret weapon is a substance called polyurethane spray foam, or PU spray foam for short. It is available from any hardware store and builders commonly use it to seal gaps and cracks in buildings that are nearing completion. Spray foam expands and fills cracks before setting into a hard, dense substance. Mice will not chew into or nest in PU spray foam. You can rodent-proof your home to some extend by finding and sealing gaps and cracks around your home. This could take you many hours or even days depending on the size of your home. You would need to be comfortable accessing your home’s basement, loft, crawlspace and any other areas where mice could be entering.

#5. Contact A Human Pest Control Service

According to one firm offering pest control in Toronto, some firms offer humane pest control that minimizes harm and suffering to the rodents. Depending on the nature and extent of your rodent problem, these firms may be able to eliminate and remove rodents without resorting to harmful chemicals or painful methods.

Human Pest Control Service

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