Some Of The Important Considerations While Buying Any Forest Equipment

Some Of The Important Considerations While Buying Any Forest Equipment

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In the last several decades, demand for wood in the world market has been increasing tremendously. This is the reason why many log supplier companies are trying to increase their productivity in collecting wood from the forest. They are now using many different forest equipments e.g. log loaders, bucket trucks, trailers etc., so that they can easily transport them to various business location. Some of the commonly used equipments are as follows.

Considerations Buying

Log Loaders Trailers

Log loaders and trailers of various sizes are available in the market. Select a size that suits your business needs. In order to choose the right equipment there is a need to focus on the specifications of the different equipments in detail.

First you will have to determine, whether you will need a small, medium or large loader trailer. This is used for transporting the timber from jungle to the lumber factory. Its lifting capacity should be good enough to lift up the heavy log. You can choose this according to the type of forest terrain you are going to use it for. You will have to consider the loaders lifting capacity, loading capacity, maximum arm extension and swing angle.

Log Loaders Trailers

Boom Specifications

There are 2 different types of boom lifters used, which are as follows:

  • telescopic boom
  • knuckle boom

If you need more versatility then you must choose knuckle boom, which has two booms allowing the operator of the loader to extend and reach the logs scattered at a distance. In addition, knuckles make it easy to fold up in small size. This feature of extend and fold is not possible in the traditional stiff boom cranes.

knuckle boom


Along with the precise log loader you need an ideal grapple, so that both can complement each other. Depending upon degree of rotation and size of the log you will have to choose the right grapple.

Methods used

While opting for the right log loader to help you increase the business productivity, you will even have to determine, which method you are going to apply to execute the work. The common 3 methods used include –

Mechanical Logging

  • Non-Mechanical Hand Felling
  • Mechanical Logging
  • Cut to Length Harvesting

Today logging is considered to be one of the most profitable businesses in the world and therefore in order to earn good profit it is essential that you implement your lumber business strategically and efficiently. Due to advanced technology, the loaders have been changing a lot. There are updated models to consider. Just make sure that you look at all the available features and select the ones, you need the most, so that your investment gets utilized properly.

Length Harvesting

Log Loaders

There are several log loader manufacturing companies, who have started promoting their products online. This is the best way buyers can get to learn about the new model launched and added features. is one such company that can help you to select a forest equipment to suit your budget and requirements.

Loader is a big investment and the decision to buy a precise one must be taken with care.

Log Loaders

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