Some Myths about Renewable Energy and the Reality behind Them

Some Myths about Renewable Energy and the Reality behind Them

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Renewable energy helps to prevent environment pollution and ensure endless supply. Several new projects have been initiated to encourage the use of renewable sources. It originates the concept of green energy. Companies like Con Edison New York are playing a crucial role in saving the environment by providing 100% renewable resources.

Renewable Energy

Although the renewable energy is reliable and viable, some misconceptions have generated disapproval among public. Let’s discuss these myths here and the realities behind them.

Myth: Renewable energy is very expensive

Reality: At present, renewable energy is already cheaper than nuclear power or coal energy. Moreover, there is no input cost for wind or solar energy. You need to buy coal and install a plant, but in case of renewable energy, the raw material is free of cost.

Renewable Energy

For ex: One unit of electricity by Eskom’s new coal plant will cost around 97c where as it will cost only 89c from renewable energy

Myth: Geothermal energy is dangerous as it releases toxic gasses

Reality: Geothermal energy does not essentially release toxic gas. It happens only due to use of poor techniques or failed safety precautions during drilling. Moreover, if gas is released accidentally, it can be controlled.

Myth: Renewable energy is a fiction

Reality: Renewable energy projects are almost ready. Lots of them are also working in many countries. For ex:

  • Germany already gets around 25% of electricity from renewable sources. Moreover, its aim is reaching 80% by 2050.
  • Renewable sources supplied 42% electricity in Spain in 2013.

Renewable Energy

  • Wind power is Spain’s topmost source of electricity since 2013, even ahead of coal, nuclear or gas.
  • In 2012, China had more wind power electricity generation than from coal.
  • More than eight states in the US are getting 12% of the electricity from wind.

Renewable Energy

  • South Dakota and Iowa get 25% of electricity from wind turbines.
  • Portugal generated 70% electricity from renewable sources in 2013

Myth: Renewable energy cannot supply electricity 24/7

Reality: Although the increased demand of energy cannot be met with single form of renewable source, a collection of them can do the task. By having mixed sources in all the areas, there will be a continuous supply of electricity.

Renewable energy supply

Myth: Full switch to renewable energy will be an abrupt process that will harm nature

Reality: Fully switching to renewable energy involves 3 steps.

  • Increase the energy efficiency. Use electricity wisely. Stop any kind of wastage.

energy efficiency

  • Start investing in renewable energy projects, which will increase overtime.
  • Stop investments in coal or nuclear plants. Shut down all the old coal fire stations as soon as they reach the end of their lifespan.

The goal is reaching 95% by 2050 and not 100% by 2020.

renewable energy projects


Knowing the reality is a must to encourage the renewable energy production and use. Do your bit by spreading awareness among people and opting for a green energy plan.

Author’s Bio : Kelvin is an expert on renewable energy, and he works with one of the top natural gas and electricity suppliers of New York, Con Edison New York. You can visit their website to learn about how you can save money on electricity bills.

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