Should I Buy an Old House or a Modern House?

Should I Buy an Old House or a Modern House?

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If you are thinking about buying a new house, then you have an important decision to make. Of course, the most important thing is location, but beyond this you need to consider the type of house that you want. There are pros and cons to buying old houses, just as there are to buying new houses – and you need to think really carefully about what it is that you want before you start looking around to see what is on the market. In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of old houses versus new houses – have a read and then see where this takes your thinking.

Old Houses

There is no doubt that old houses have a certain charm – they are usually fitted with period features and this gives them an individual feel. Old houses generally have a little bit more atmosphere than new houses, and they feel completely unique to you. While old houses are certainly very attractive, the disadvantages start to appear as soon as you start weighing up what it will cost to maintain them. Old houses generally need a lot more maintenance – they are far more likely to need their roofs replacing, old brickwork will need to be replaced and repointed and ancient pipework and electrics will need to be updated. On top of this, because old houses are not built as economically as new houses are, they will generally be more expensive to heat. Buying an old house is certainly an undertaking, and you have to be prepared for a high maintenance bill every year. If you think that it is worth this then an old house may well be for you.

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New Houses

New houses are blessed with every single modern convenience you could ever wish for. They are generally made to a very high standard, and your utility bills will be lower because the house has been built to be as economical as possible. Modern home designs are carried out in such a way that there will be very little maintenance to be done on a regular basis, so you are unlikely to get any huge maintenance bills for a good time to come. Modern homes are generally well decorated and well serviced by utilities, so life tends to be a lot simpler. Of course, the downside of new houses is that they can be a little faceless – particularly if you buy one on an estate where there are many other similar houses. New houses are generally smaller than old houses too – so if you have a large family then you need to bear this in mind.

Modern House

If you are agonising between an old house and a new house, then it is important that you draw up a list up of things that you simply cannot compromise on. Do your sums and work out how expensive each option is, bearing in mind the additional maintenance bills of an old house. The more you think through your decision, the more likely you are to end up making the right choice.

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