Produce fantastic ID cards in-house

Produce fantastic ID cards in-house

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Help is available if you require a Magicard Rio/Tango Ribbon. The LC1 Magicard YMCKO ribbon offers as many as 350 full-colour prints on single-sided cards and 175 if you need double-sided printing. It gives vibrant, richly-colourful images and can be used to print ID cards of the highest quality on pre-printed and white plastic cards. Five panels of dye come as part of the package, whilst the protective overlay means cards can look great for years before they need to be replaced. The Ribbon is compatible with a wide series of Magicard Printers including the Rio, Rio 2 and 2e machines as well as the Magicard Tango, Tango 2 and 2e systems.

Tango Ribbon

Produce unique cards

The ribbon and the printers it works with are used by well-known companies across the UK. Adding your own distinctive designs to your cards makes them stand out and means that you can instantly recognise them as being unique to your business, increasing confidence in your security standards. You may also wish to use the ribbons to print top-quality loyalty, discount and membership cards that stand the test of time.

Produce unique cards

Find the best deals

Other uses for the ribbon include the printing of VIP passes and entry tickets. Printing cards in-house can save you a great deal of money and can be a valuable alternative to asking an external company to produce cards for you. There are many reputable companies that can supply you with the Magicard ribbon. It can be wise to look online to get the best deals and find out who the most trusted suppliers are. Companies up and down the land are investing in their own card printing equipment to keep costs down without compromising on quality. The ribbon could prove to be a significant addition to your in-house resources.

ribbon include the printing

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