Printed Ribbons- Most Common Uses

Printed Ribbons- Most Common Uses

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The ribbon printing industry may be small, but it still churns out plenty of cash. Printed ribbons are used in a variety of different ceremonies and events. The ribbon cutting ceremony is a very common event, held in companies and organisations all over the globe. Corporations generally order printed ribbons as a means of advertising.  The ribbons may include a brand name or a trademark on it. However, apart from standard ribbon cutting ceremonies, printed ribbons are also used in sporting events. You may have seen runners breaking through the ribbon signifying the end of the finish line.

Again, these ribbons feature trademarks and names of the sponsors of the event. Since printed ribbons are generally used in places where media coverage is present, it often doubles up as a fantastic marketing ploy. The camera focuses on the ribbon, highlighting the brand name or the message printed on it. Needless to say, they are a very popular tool of marketing for corporations.

Printed Ribbons

How Are Ribbons Printed?

Ribbons are mostly made out of satin, which is a very sleek and stylish fabric that has a bit of shine. Depending upon the type of printing you choose (double sided or single sided), the printing process may vary. Companies use sophisticated machinery in order to print the ink on the cloth without damaging the cloth. The biggest risk while printing any design on a ribbon is the risk of colour leakage.

Are Ribbons Printed

In order to minimise this risk, companies generally give recommendations on the combination of colours that you should use. For instance, darker colours, such as black or dark blue combine very well with lighter shades such as yellow or white. When you first call the company to place an order, they will ask you about the base colour of the ribbon and then the colour of the ink that you wish to use. Once the order is confirmed, the company will send you several sample designs and let you choose the one that you like best. There are many companies in Australia that offer customised ribbon printing. However, the ribbons from APR are not only reliable, but the company also pays a lot of attention to detail to every printed ribbon.

ribbons from APR

What Are They Used For?

Printed ribbons are used for a whole host of different purposes. Here are some of their most common uses:

  • Ribbons are mainly used in award ceremonies. You may have seen ribbons hanging from the stage at award ceremonies. In certain ceremonies, ribbons are also tied to the actual awards.
  • They are also commonly used in shipping and packing cakes. If you are shipping a cake to someone, you can use a printed ribbon and tie it around the box. It’s a great way to market your product further.

They Used For

  • Charity ribbons are also very popular. Whether it’s a fundraiser or an awareness program being arranged by a charity, they may choose to get an uplifting message printed on the ribbons and hang them around the event space.

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