Planning a Trip to Egypt during Festive Season Could Double Your Enjoyment

Planning a Trip to Egypt during Festive Season Could Double Your Enjoyment

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Experience Egypt at Its Best during their festivals

Egypt, being a transcontinental country, has a very long history and meaningful tradition associated with it. There is no doubt about the fact that it is a top global tourist destination. With room for every type of tourists, the country provides enormous options for travelers to fulfill their travel needs. There is one thing that every person should be attentive of while visiting any new place and that is their culture, customs, and traditions. The biggest characteristic that makes a country different from others are these factors. The landscapes, infrastructure, and entertainment are of course a prominent part, but if you truly want to experience the feel of any place then go deep into their peculiarity.

Sharm El Sharm

Planning holidays to Sharm El Shiek and the capital city of Cairo can be fun, and these two cities attract maximum global tourists. However, if you want to ensure over-the-top enjoyment during your trip to Egypt, then plan during their main festivals. Every country looks and offers its best during their festivals. Considering the timing of their festival and then planning a trip could bring more enthusiasm to your holiday. There are some prominent festivals of Egypt during which you could choose to visit.


Plan Your Travel during August and September

The Egyptian population consists of 90 percent Muslim community. Ramadan is the biggest festival of Muslims that is celebrated worldwide by following a month long fast. The timing of this festival differs every year, but mostly it is celebrated between August and September. Things might seem to be very slow in progress during this festival, as people have lots of customs that everyone follows very strictly. Shops run for shorter hours, some services are restricted, and even entertainment might not be so happening. Following the one month fast, there is Eid celebration wherein special cookies and dishes are prepared by families.


Common Festivals

There are also other Islamic festivals like Arafat, which is celebrated on December 20th mostly, according to the Gregorian calendar. People travel from the holy place Mecca to Mt. Arafat in memory of Prophet Muhammad’s final sermon. Muslims, who are unable to participate in this, spend that time praying and fasting. You might have also heard about Muslim festivals like Eid-al-Adha, which is marked by slaughtering goats and serving them to the poor, and Muharram which is considered as Islamic New Year (occurs in January). Visiting the country during these festivals will educate you about the tradition and customs of Muslims.


The Egyptian Coptic Christmas

Egyptian Coptic Christmas is celebrated around 6th and 7th of January. People attend midnight mass, and prepare midnight meal, including turkey. Gift exchange happens the following day. Sham El Nesseem, the spring day is being celebrated from past 4,500 years. Food items like lettuce and onions salted fish is prepared. This festival is celebrated on the day following Easter. All the festivals will take you back to the ancient Egyptian culture.

If at all, you are planning to make a trip to Egypt then try coinciding the travel dates with any of these festivals. The most interesting part of Egypt for which it is popularly known for are- its customs and traditions. You can double your enjoyment by travelling to Egypt during festive season.

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