Outdoor Water Fountain Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

Outdoor Water Fountain Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

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With professional care and regular maintenance, a custom-built decorative water fountain can add value to any home. One of the main reasons behind premature failure of parts such as pumps and filter systems is user error. In other words, homeowners unintentionally cause their fountain to fail long before it was designed to. If you have a decorative water fountain, here are the five most common home furnace mistakes you may not know you are making. How many are you guilty of?

#1.Going Too Long Between Cleans

The single most important thing you can do is regularly clean your fountain. For most small, decorative fountains, this involves draining and mechanically cleaning the sides of the fountain. Whether you scrub the fountain or use pressure-washers to clean, be sure to carry out this maintenance regularly. Going too long between cleans will prevent your fountain from looking at its best.

regularly clean

#2.Using The Wrong Cleaning Chemicals

If you live in an area with hard water, calcium deposits are a major concern. The types of cleaning chemicals you use on your fountain should tackle these deposits to keep your fountain looking amazing. You may consider the use of a fountain protector to prevent deposits from forming. Check the water line of your fountain to see whether your existing cleaning program is effective.

#3. Skimping OnFountain Maintenance

While there are plenty of sites offering fountain cleaning and maintenance, few are actually good for your custom-built fountain. If you are still relying on your fountain installerfor your cleaning and maintenance needs, you may have wondered whether they are giving you value for money as well as good service. If you decide to shop around for lower quotes, bear in mind that cheap fountain maintenance may not be the best way to look after your fountain. For example, a cheap fountain contractor may use harsh cleaning chemicals instead of the enzyme cleaner that your existing contractor uses. This may damage the rubber foundin your fountain’s pump and hoses causing them to fail prematurely.

Skimping On Fountain

#4.Not Servicing Your Fountain’s Pump

Many homeowners choose to save money by performing their own fountain clean and do a good job. With the correct use of UV lights, enzyme cleaners and bio-filters, fountain water can stay beautifully clear and the sides of the fountain can remain blissfully deposit-free. However, by only thinking about the outside of the fountain, homeowners could be ignoring the internal working of their pump. According to research published by the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA), water fountain pumps must be checked and serviced annually. This helps to minimize power consumption and prolong lifespan.

#5. Not Checking Your Water Supply

According to a leading firm offering affordable fountain servicing, the best way to keep water fountains looking at their best is to check the water supply that feeds the fountain. Some owners even go so far as to fill their fountain with distilled water after they clean it. Failing to use clean water can contribute to mineral deposits and the appearance of the fountain. Always check your water supply to keep your fountain looking amazing.

Water Supply

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