MOLD On Just One Minute – Don’t Buy Until the Inspection‘s Done!

MOLD On Just One Minute – Don’t Buy Until the Inspection‘s Done!

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If you’re purchasing a new home you want to make sure it’s the best you can possibly get for you and your family. Typically whenever we go house hunting there are always a number of features and points we tend to look out for, but something that often gets forgotten is mold. If the property does contain mold then this is a sign of a problem, which could potentially become far worse if not dealt with immediately. This post provides you with some tips on detecting mold and what you should also do prior to purchasing any property.

Where Can Mold Be Found?

Mold is typically very easy to spot, although it can come in a variety of colors including, white, black, grey and green. Some molds can simply be seen whereas others can be smelt as well. There are a number of places where mold can grow and amongst the most common are:


Anywhere there is a constant water supply, such as pipes, especially if they are leaking. You should also check all the windows, which often become moist due to the changing climate and condensation. Finally, the roof is known to be somewhere where mold is often found.

Check the basement and the attic.

If the particular property is tightly sealed, which is commonplace in new properties, air gets trapped inside with nowhere to escape, thus producing the moisture levels that mold loves.

Any properties which have extremely poor ventilation, as air is once again often sealed in.


Things You Should Be Doing

When you are looking around the property yourself always be wary of mold and make sure to look in as many of the places mentioned above as possible.  Check for things such as water marks on the walls, whether there is any water present in the basement, and also follow your nose. Mold typically gives off a musty type of smell and you should be very cautious when looking in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement and laundry room.

Mold inspection

Many states make it a point that within the purchase agreement the seller must disclose any presence of mold in the property, and this is true in California. However, if you live in a state where this isn’t a requirement, then you should ask the seller outright whether they are aware of any mold issues. They may be completely oblivious to any problems, they may not have any issues, or they may be aware of mold in their home and they openly disclose this to you.

You should be having a professional home inspection before you buy the property, or close the sale. You can speak to your inspector and ask whether they provide any mold testing or whether you need to hire a completely different inspector to do this. To be completely honest, most home inspectors won’t want to be held liable for any potential problems that may come up in the future, so if they detect mold in any way, it is highly likely this information is going to be included in the inspection report.

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