How to Maintain Your Office Printer

How to Maintain Your Office Printer

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Office printers don’t run well just by accident. You need to make sure you maintain your office printers to keep them operating at the highest standard. Misbehaving printers are a common staff frustration, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Keeping your office printers well maintained will prevent printer rage and boost the efficiency of your office. Read on to learn how you can keep your printers functioning smoothly.

Read the Manual

The destiny of a manual is for it to be read − preferably by you, if you’re the one about to pull apart one of your office printers. Before you do anything that might cause a warranty to become null and void, make sure you take the time to read the manual. The information in manuals is often split up under convenient headings, so you might just need to look up the relevant topic rather than read the whole thing from start to finish in one sitting. However, if you enjoy reading manuals, feel free to read away. Reading the complete manual will give you a good overview of all the working parts of your printer, and will let you know of any self-cleaning or trouble-proofing systems it has built into it.

Don’t Get Paperlogged

Paper jams are a problem frequently experienced when using office printers. After checking the manual, usually the best way of fixing a paper jam is to pull the paper gently free with both hands, aiming not to tear it in the process. However, it’s easier to try to avoid a paper jam rather than need to remedy one. Remember not to overfill the paper tray, and keep your paper stores in a dry place away from sunlight. Your paper needs to be in good condition so that it doesn’t get stuck inside the machine. If paper jams are happening with alarming regularity, it might be worth getting a technician to look at your office printers, as there could be a problem with the printer’s sensor.

Keep All Software Up to Date

Some printing problems that affectoffice printers can be caused by out of date software. Manufacturers regularly update printer drivers to either add new functionality or fix a problem with the old drivers. The term ‘printer drivers’refers to the software that you use to interface with your printer. You can usually check with the manufacturers of your office printers to see if your drivers are up to date. Some printers may include a software wizard that prompts you to update your drivers and guides you through the process. Some printers automatically check for new drivers through an internet connection and let you know when there are new ones available to install.

Maintenance is Better than a Broken Printer

In all things, prevention is better than a cure, and keeping in line with this, regular maintenance is better than a broken printer. So make sure you take these simple steps to ensure your office printers are working to their full potential. Take the time to read the manual, be careful with your use and storage of paper, and keep your printer drivers up to date for maximum run time. Your office printers will reward you with remarkable performance for years to come.

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