How to Check the Builder’s Reputation and Get Your Construction Projects Completed Efficiently?

How to Check the Builder’s Reputation and Get Your Construction Projects Completed Efficiently?

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If you are in the market in search of a new house, you should look for a home builder very cautiously as you investigate your new building. No matter whether you’re purchasing a townhouse, villa, condo, custom built house, or home in a subdivision, you need to hire a reputable home builder. The home should be brand sparkling with clean and fresh flooring with no finger print on the walls. Keep these things in mind when appointing the home builder.

Purchasing a new house or executing new construction is one of the biggest things that you need to make. Hence you need to pick reputable and well-qualified builder.

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Check Government Records and NHBRC Enrolment

In order to check the reputation of the builder, you can contact national association or builders or NHBRC. You can ask certificate from NHBRC of the specific builder and you would be given information about the builder, if he/she is registered with NHBRC. If you aren’t familiar about whom to choose or know none in your area, you can ask NHBRC for a list of reputable home builders. You can examine some of the construction projects handled by the specific builder and also talk to house owners for detailed information.  Ensure that the builder offers you with proper agreement regarding type of construction, time frames, exclusions, inclusions, type of finish, etc.

Also ensure that your new home is listed with NHBRC and it is the duty of builder to enrol the house 3 weeks before starting the project and you can ask for the copy of it before dealing further. Other important documents that you need to ask builder include standard builder’s warranty, land sale agreement, building contract, payment receipts, and other agreements that you’re needed to sign.


You can check out local court house for liens or any lawsuit against the builder that you’re planning to work with; do not forget to check out the locales and also state to verify that builder is insured, and holds all necessary licenses. You can see government’s official site or call attorney general, to check up builder’s license.

Check with Other Buyers

Once you get information about the previous customer that the builder worked with, you can contact the home owner asking builder’s work. If the owners have very bad experience or builder didn’t help him in any regard, it is better to opt for someone else. The bad publicity could be due to failure to follow lawsuit or public records. Talk to neighbours, verifying the quality of their home if the builder is constantly constructing larger or identical homes in that area.

You can check even online on consumer complaint sites about the builder, and what kind of problems buyers faced so that you can avoid making similar mistakes.


Know the Responsibilities of a Home Builder

The builder should offer warranty to the buyers; builders should also pay the enrolment fee and construct the home as per the guidelines and standards and protect building from any defects and repair roof leaks or other problems before handing over the project. Once you know their responsibilities, you can easily guess what kind of reputation and quality of work they offer to their clients. Linden Homes is one such reputed registered builder that protects customers from shoddy workmanship and unethical behaviour.

Follow these tips to make sure that you’re dealing with experienced and reputable home builder.

About the Author:- Antonia MacLean works for a house building and construction firm that has been offering unmatched services to the customers for well over a decade.

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