How Not To Hire A Dud: 5 Tough Questions Every Frameless Glass Installer In Perth Should Be Asked

How Not To Hire A Dud: 5 Tough Questions Every Frameless Glass Installer In Perth Should Be Asked

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Are you in the process or renovating or remodeling your bathroom? Frameless glass can make a stunning enhancement to any bathroom, if done correctly. With a dearth of firms to choose from, how can you find the right installer at the right price? Here are five tough questions every Perth installer should be asked. We’ll explain the answers to listen out for when posing these questions.

Question #1.‘Which Professional Association Do You Belong To?’

Any firm who passes on this question should be given a wide berth. In Australia, most reputable frameless glass installers would belong to the Australian Glass And Glazing Association (AGGA) or an association of similar standing. Any AGGA-member firm will know that best practice is non-negotiable. They will strictly adhere to Australian standards to ensure that their work is safe and dependable.

Question #2.Do You Outsource Your Work?

This is an important question to ask, as according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), under the Australian Consumer Law ‘retailers can’t refuse to help you by sending you to the manufacturer or importer’. You should never buy a frameless glass shower enclosure from a firm that outsources their work because they will not be able to provide you will assistance in the future. This question isn’t straight forward, however. Some firms can only provide enclosures to a certain size suchas2000mm high by 1200mm wide, for example. Choosing an enclosure within these dimensions will help you avoid having to outsource the work.

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Question #3.‘Do You Use Australian Standard Glass?’

Some firms try to cut corners by using cheaper types of glass. While AGGA members will never do this, you can still protect yourself when dealing with a non-AGGA firm by asking this question. According to the AGGA, all glass used in frameless shower enclosures should be manufactured to Australian Standards and typically be around 10mm in thickness. Avoid any firms that use inferior-quality glass.

Question #4.‘Do You Offer Coated Glass?’

Although frameless glass shower enclosures look amazing when they are in the showroom or brand new, they can quickly become cloudy, spotty or etched and detract from the overall look of your bathroom. Some firms offer glass with hydrophobic coatings such as Shower Guard to prevent water from staying on the glass and forming water spots. Shower doors with this type of coating will require a minimal amount of cleaning to stay looking pristine. Firms that offer this type of glass will typically use factory-applied coatings as these are guaranteed for up to ten years. These coatings make it easy to keep your enclosure looking pristine for longer with minimal cleaning.

Question #5.‘Do You Offer DIY Installation Kits?’

Although measuring, cutting and installing frameless glass enclosures is typically a two-person job best left to professionals, some suppliers of custom shower doors in Perth are starting to offer DIY kits. This allows homeowners to install their own frameless glass shower enclosures by following detailed instructions. If a firm claims to offer good value, asking this question can help you verify what is on offer.

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The answers you receive to these five questions should help you choose the perfect glazing firm to use. What do you think of our questions? Which questions did we miss? Ask questions or leave a comment below!

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