How Can You Take Advantage of a Clean Energy Future?

How Can You Take Advantage of a Clean Energy Future?

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There is no doubt that a consensus about human induced climate change exists in the global scientific community. Those who doubt it often have vested interests or they simply do not understand the science behind it. Sadly, many governments have been slow to react and put changes in place that will reduce our carbon emissions. However, the South Australian government is leading the way when it comes to solar energy and solar batteries.

Why Solar Energy is Important

There was once a time when solar panel technology was incredibly expensive. These days, the technology is much more affordable and the panels are also more efficient at gathering energy. This has made solar one of the leading change makers in terms of our clean energy future.

The fact is that solar energy is a virtually limitless resource. It is essential that we move to clean energy sources not just because our reliance on coal-fired power is causing carbon emissions that lead to climate change, but also because it is a resource that is clean, sustainable, and renewable.

What About Solar Batteries?

For the most part, we have seen the benefits of solar panel installation and reduced our dependence on coal-fired power, but solar battery storage is now offering everyone further advantages. Solar batteries provide the following benefits:

  • A mini power station: Thanks to advances in solar technology, having panels and a battery installed is a bit like having a micro power station right on your property. As the solar energy is captured and converted into electrical energy, it is stored by the battery for later use.
  • Reliable power: If you live in an area where there are frequent power blackouts during the heat of summer, a solar battery solution is ideal. It means that as the grid power cuts off, electrical energy can still be drawn from a local solar battery. This is great for both homeowners and businesses.
  • More cost effective: One of the most compelling reasons to have solar panels installed is to save money on power bills. The problem is that on cloudy days, extra energy is drawn from the grid, which means having to pay for it. When a solar battery is installed, this electrical energy can be drawn from a local source rather than the grid, which means not having to pay for the privilege of using electricity.

Helping to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar energy technology represents a seismic shift in the way that we generate electrical power and the way that we interact with our environment. Solar batteries are yet another development in the way that our energy future is developing and the South Australian government is offering a tiered subsidy scheme to help people install solar panels and solar batteries.

In this context, the South Australian government is leading the way when it comes to a clean energy future. As our reliance on fossil fuels diminishes, schemes such as this will continue to pave the way for change.

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