Get the Right Dining Table for Your Space

Get the Right Dining Table for Your Space

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One of the most enjoyable moments that you’ll ever have is hosting dinners for your family and friends; everyone loves to gather and exchange stories about days gone by or discuss their plans for the future over delicious food.  Before you plan your first event, you must have a dining table that is right for the space that you have available and the number of guests that you want to accommodate at a meal.  There are many different sizes and shapes of tables ready to be delivered to your home; choosing the right one for you should be an easy task with the guidelines that follow.  Be sure to review them and take notes before you begin your search for the perfect table.

Basics of Table Size

You’ll want to decide how many guests you’d like to entertain at one time for a meal so that you can purchase a table that suits your individual needs.  You’ll need plenty of room to move around the table and enough room on the tabletop for your place settings along with the food, beverages, and condiments that are needed for your meal.  A table should be about thirty-six inches wide for a basic dinner party; as the length of your table expands, the width should parallel it as well.  Taking measurements is the next step that you’ll want to do before you go shopping.

Dining Table for Your Space

Measurements Matter

Nothing is more disappointing than buying a table that is lovely but that won’t fit in the space that you have; this is why taking accurate measurements and recording them before you shop online or in stores for the table of your dreams is essential.  Be sure to measure the space all around the room; you’ll want to leave about forty-eight inches from the table to the walls so that guests can sit down and get up without being uncomfortable.  If you already have pieces of furniture in the room, you’ll have to measure from the edge of the existing furniture so that you’ll have enough space.  An easy way to visualise how your table will look in the room is to get a sheet, fold it into the shape of a table, and place it on the floor where you want the table to go.

Dining Table for Your Space1

Seating is Important

The length of your table will dictate how many guests can be seated comfortably for dinner; don’t try to add more people than is recommended or you’ll have guests who can’t enjoy themselves for lack of space.  A four foot long table will seat about four people, a six foot long table seats six people, and a seven foot table will seat about eight people comfortably.  If you want to use a larger table and the space is tight, you might have to use smaller seating to accommodate the people at your table; a bench seat is an excellent way to reduce the amount of space that you need.  By visiting the website you can find a wide array of tables to suit your individual preferences and at prices that will please your budget.

Be sure to do your homework before you go shopping for your dining table; have your measurements close by and give careful attention to the seating that’s needed for the table that you choose.

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