Fresh Meat the Halal Way

Fresh Meat the Halal Way

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There is an ever increasing demand for halal produce. The worldwide market is estimated to be in excess of £400 billion, and the West is taking an increasing share of that market. It is still fairly insignificant in worldwide terms but halal consumption far outstrips the demand that comes from those eating it on religious grounds. The UK makes up just £3 billion of that figure and even through the years of recession it has grown in relation to other meat consumption.


The large supermarket chains have recognised this and they are increasingly stocking halal meat. In some cases there are actually dedicated counters. It may come as a surprise to some to know that over 70% of New Zealand lamb is halal. What should not come as a surprise is that good suppliers are more than happy to advertise the origin of their meat. That is something that consumers far beyond the Muslim community are welcoming particularly in the light of the debate on food labelling. The Food Industry is successfully defending the status quo on the grounds of the increased costs that would be involved in providing more information.

lamb is halal

The whole idea of battery meat production does not bear thinking about. The consumer often does not give the slightest thought as to where their meat comes from as long as it is readily available. When it comes to companies like it is perfectly clear as to where it originates.


Health-conscious people ensure that they eat plenty of fresh food; they are perfectly capable of producing the flavours they want without the food processing industry doing the job for them. Meat is just a single link in the chain. The Food Industry is about mass production and all that involves. It is the only way to satisfy consumer demand. Discerning people who prioritise their health often look for alternatives, shunning precooked ready meals and the microwave in the process.

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Advertise and Inform

One of the motives behind last year’s Halal Festival that was held in London was to provide information to those who wanted to know more not only about halal meat but also all the other products made in the ‘permissible’ way, the true meaning of the word ‘halal’. Plenty of people attended and it was deemed a great success. That success is being demonstrated in the increasing acceptance in consumer spending. It has not been lost on the competitive supermarkets, but why not look at companies that will deliver an order direct to your door? You need simply go online and choose what you want.

Such companies are at the forefront and are building a reputation for healthy and fresh food. They are certainly worth your support aren’t they?

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