Five Common Problems Experienced Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Five Common Problems Experienced Air Conditioning Repair Houston

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Summer is not far off, and no homeowner in Houston want to face similar problems when it comes to turning their AC on for the first time. Although there are dozens of factors that could lead to failure of your ac system, there are few reasons that are quite common. While some may require the expertise of an experienced technician, there are some minor ones you can correct yourself.

Below is a list of five common problems that may be interrupting your air conditioning in your home. These will determine whether you will need the help of a professional AC technician or something you can correct on your own.

Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Low or leaking refrigerant

Refrigerant or Freon is the cooling agent that helps cool the air in your ac system. If refrigerant levels fall below the normal range, this could imply a leak or a problem with your system. This may cause the AC unit to produce air that is not cold. If you need to have your system recharged regularly, chances are that your ac unit may be having a leak. All these leaks should be detected in time and repaired.

Faulty wiring

In most cases, shotty or uncertified AC wiring presents a high risk of fire. Poor wiring during installation of the AC system can prevent it from getting enough power for your cooling system or it can trip the circuit breaker.

Outer fan fails to work

The outside fan is the key component that help in transferring heat from your inside home to the outside.  Failure of the outdoor fan means that there is no proper heat transfer which may lead to overheating of the compressor and trip the safety overload. This could also cause internal damage to the compressor.

Outer unit is not functional

Sometimes, the outside unit of your ac system may fail to function. This may indicate lack of power, a faulty thermostat or the problem may have been caused by poor installation by the contractor.

the outside unit of your

Frozen coil

Improper air flow in the air conditioning system may be one of the possible reason that may cause an AC unit to freeze. A frozen coil may be the reason there is an issue in airflow. Similarly, restrictions that may be caused by filthy air filters or perhaps an obstruction of the return air ducts may elevate the problem.

A frozen coil may also result due tolow refrigerant. Ensure that you check your filters and regularly clean or replace them as needed. If the blower fan is malfunctioning, the ac system can freeze which means that the cold air remains inside the unit and the result is a frozen coil. Well, while the owner can prevent this by clearing away debris and replacing the filters, the expertise of a certified AC technician is needed to ensure everything is functioning properly.

There you have it. If you have been experiencing these problems every time you turn on your air conditioning system, it is time to have a certified technician come over and do some Air Conditioning Repair in Houston.

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