First Time In NYC? Don’t Miss These 5 Experiences!

First Time In NYC? Don’t Miss These 5 Experiences!

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Most frequent travelers have New York City on their wish list. There is no denying that this can be an expensive city, but NYC has a charm that no other city can match. From the incredible skyline and love for cheeseburgers, to Central Park, amazing musicals, jazz clubs, and Broadway, there is something for everyone here. If you are planning your first visit in NYC, we have a list that you shouldn’t miss for sure.

  • Times Square. If Times Square doesn’t excite you about NYC, we don’t know what else will! The love of people and those big billboards offer an experience that’s very American and exclusive to this city. Evenings feel amazing here, and this is the entertainment hub of sorts, offering one option or the other for every visitor. It is in fact one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world!
  • Central Park. For those who love lakes, scenic beauty and amusement attractions, Central Park is a great experience. We recommend that you spend an entire day here, enjoying with your friends, and this almost feels surreal, considering the commercial activities in NYC. A great place to take some amazing pictures.

  • Broadway Musicals. NYC is a great place to enjoy Broadway Musicals, and the good thing is you can find discounted tickets online. We recommend that you opt for an early booking, especially if you intend to catch one of the classic shows. There are quite a few options, so you won’t be disappointed.
  • For the love of jazz. Jazz is an acquired taste, we agree, but if you are in NYC, you should make time for it. Birdland is a nice club to enjoy Jazz, and there are new events, shows and performers every week, which is an advantage. Jazz in NYC can feel different because the locals actually enjoy the genre.
  • Museums. Did you know that are over 80 museums in NYC? Of course, you don’t have the time to accommodate everything, so it is best to cherry pick and choose. American Museum of Natural History is a good choice, and if you are in mood for some fun, go to the Museum of Sex. Metropolitan Museum of Art is also a popular option.

Make sure to get your New York CityPASS, which gives free access to a number of attractions, including museums, and you can decide on the attractions you wish to cover.

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