Download TinyOwl App to Taste the Delicious Cuisines near Your Vicinity

Download TinyOwl App to Taste the Delicious Cuisines near Your Vicinity

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The internet has grown in a wonderful manner to help the people in a lot of ways. Anything can be done using the internet without wasting time and efforts. Online shopping has conquered the world and the Indian people are also benefitting through these services. One can shop a variety of products online sitting at home. What about food? Can we order food using the internet? Some people might not believe this but this service is possible!

An online food app can help you in searching for your favorite dishes without any difficulty. A more advanced and easy-to-use platform has been introduced in India. The TinyOwl app performs several tasks which are all aimed at serving the user with the best food from the quality restaurants in town. You can select the restaurant of your choice using this app. The app assists the user in placing the food order and promises to deliver it without any delay.

TinyOwl History

If we compare TinyOwl with apps like Zomato then this online medium is equipped with some smart features. Harshvardhan Mandad is the person who has created this app. The app is running successful in places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Gurgaon. The people’s response is quite positive in these cities and has motivated the company to frame expansion plans in other areas across India. The app holds a simple interface that helps the user place a food order from the desired restaurant within no time.

Benefits of the TinyOwl App

This app serves very helpful for people who have a busy schedule or live alone. TinyOwl has the capability to offer finger-licking cuisines at the best delivery pace. The app offers a single platform where the customer can connect with the provider and can easily place a food order. There are no hidden charges on the orders placed using this app. No fake charges are involved and also there are no such provisions for transaction charge.

Features of TinyOwl

Unlike other apps like Zomato, Tinyowl offers some improved options which make it easy for the customers to acquire delicious food. Some of the key features are:

  • Location: This online food app offers the user with search results based on his/her location. It means that, the list of those restaurants would be flashed that are near to the person’s current location. This helps in saving delivery time to a great extent.
  • Variety: This venture has gathered a lot of restaurants which have associated themselves for business prospects. The users are served with a variety of cuisines and dishes from some of the best restaurants in town.
  • Mode of Payment: The payment of the bill can be processed through different sources. One can use a credit or a debit card to pay the food bills. Modes such as net banking and cash-on-delivery are some other ways.
  • Order Tracking: One interesting feature of this app is the order tracking feature. The user is offered with his/her order’s estimated delivery time and other order details.

Final Words

You can use the TinyOwl App to order food with a click of a button. Make your holiday a wonderful one by ordering some special delicacies using TinyOwl. With an easy-to-operate interface this app is soon going to become a famous source to place online food orders. You can use your smart phone anywhere to order food if you have the TinyOwl app. Download and install it today for a wonderful experience!

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