Dogs are the best pets for your health

Dogs are the best pets for your health

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Why dogs?

As we know human population is increasing, pet population is increasing too with dogs as the most lovable among pets. People around the world love dogs as a pet and according to Pet Secure, US has most population of pet dogs around 70 million. More than half of the population own a pet either a cat or a dog, the love for dogs is nothing new and we have witnessing this for thousand years. There are many factors for this mankind affection towards dogs, but one most important factor is biological one. The interaction between dogs and humans release a hormone named Oxytocin, this hormone is same that is released during new mother interaction with their babies. So this ‘love hormone’ cements the relationship between humans and dogs.

The second reason is reward and conditioned love, as we already know the Pavlov’s dog experiment, according to which the reward system is conditioned with love and affection. Dogs love their owners because they provide food and rewards for their acts. So scientifically this is more like a conditional love too.

Dogs and your good health: a causal relationship

Pets are kept by humans for affection and the only main reason is love towards pets. In this mundane and hectic routine, people find pets as innocent and carefree.

Physical health

Dogs can really put smile on your face in hard times. They are more loving and can reduce your stress and release your tiredness with their innocence and love. According to Harvard Medical School published article, Dog owners have relatively lower blood pressure than normal people. The other study from Harvard too suggest that Dog owners have less risk of heart disease. The prominent factor is physical health, dog owners usually spent more time with dogs and take them on a walk at least twice in a day. Dogs also demand physical activities and you have to be involve with physical actions for dogs and enforced exercise. Especially to old aged people, they are more involved emotionally and physically to dogs in their last days.

Emotional health

As we know there are more mental health problems prevalent in the society nowadays. Dogs emotionally satisfies owners problems, they reduce the stress as dog owners play and cuddle Dogs which eases them and let them forget their problems and hectic routines. This emotional connection is more important and love hormone (already mentioned above) plays a vital role. As dogs don’t have to speak and they only listen and obeys what their master or owner says, so this also satisfy human psychologically.


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