Didn’t Get That Job? Here’s How to Be More Successful Next Time

Didn’t Get That Job? Here’s How to Be More Successful Next Time

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Looking for a new job is a difficult thing to do. There are many pitfalls along the way, and you should be prepared for more than a few rejection letters. However, as frustrating as it may be when you don’t get a job, it is important to learn from the experience all the same. Rejection is hard to take at the best of times, especially when you’re desperate for a new job. However, if you approach the company and ask them for feedback then you will find that they can give you some very valuable tips and tricks for your next job attempt. So, rather than becoming dejected, it’s time to look at the reason why you are unsuccessful and try and do a better job next time. Read on for our top tips:

The Application

Often, people let themselves down at the application stage. It doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced you are – if you do not get your application right then the chances are you won’t even make it through to the interview stage. Your application should be neat and tidy, with all the relevant information having been filled in. Spelling and grammatical mistakes are a big no-no, so make sure you get somebody to check it over before you send it off. Think really carefully about the answers that you give to their questions on the form, as they will use these to decide whether or not to interview you. Make sure you get your application in on time, and don’t chase them for an answer – they will get in touch with you when they are ready.


The Interview

Many people let themselves down at the stage of interview – and the main reason for this is usually nerves. To combat this, make sure you turn up to the interview in plenty of time so that you are not flustered. Take a bottle of water in with you so that you can keep yourself hydrated, and practice breathing techniques to keep yourself calm. Ask a friend to help you role-play the interview beforehand so that you can practice answering all of the questions. Make sure that you are dressed smartly and always get a good night’s sleep before the interview so that you are on form.


Your Skills

It may be that your skills weren’t quite up to scratch, and this is why you did not get the job. In order to combat this, you should constantly be seeking courses to go on in order to improve your skill set. For example, adding a skill such as first aid training to your CV can really help your case, and if you are going for a high level job then you may like to think about going on a project management course in order to hone your skills. Displaying a commitment to self-improvement will certainly stand you in good stead, no matter what the training is that you undertake.

Your Skills

Try not to become despondent – your dream job will soon be yours as long as you remain determined.

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