Can I Improve My Health By Switching to E-Cigarettes?

Can I Improve My Health By Switching to E-Cigarettes?

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Ever since the first e-cigarette was developed in China in 2003, it has been revolutionizing the health industry – or so we hoped. Up until recently, no comparable studies or analysis could be properly performed as the sales of the e-cigarette largely outpaced scientific data.

A panel of physicians and researchers banded together and in 2014 were able to analyse 81 separate studies to help understand whether or not e-cigs were healthier than conventional cigarettes. Fortunately for e-smokers, the verdict is positive.

E-Cigarettes Can Improve Your Health

There are an estimated 1.3 billion smokers in the world today. Six million of these individuals will succumb to their habit globally, with 80,000 UK residents being part of that massive number. What’s perhaps even more shocking is the fact that there are 450,000 hospital admissions every year due to tobacco-related illness and disease.

E-Cigarettes Can Improve Your Health

Research has found that long-term smokers in particular have been receptive to trying out e-cigarettes in an attempt to quell the habit or to at least stagnate the negative health effects. While it may take a short period of adjustment, smokers have often found that they almost immediately feel better and healthier. This is not too surprising when one considers the fact that e-cigs contain toxicant levels that are 9 to 450 times less than a standard cigarette.

The Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Smokers who have decided to ditch the conventional cigarette and opt for an e-cig instead report health benefits that are similar to those which someone who has quit entirely may enjoy:

Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

  • Almost immediate improved sense of taste and smell
  • Almost immediate reduction in phlegm production and coughing
  • Better sleep and reduced fatigue
  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Reduction or elimination of snoring
  • Reduction or elimination of chest pain
  • Better vision

Helping Smokers Quit Conventional Cigarettes “Cold Turkey”

According to research, using an e-cigarette as a cessation device works in two days:

  • Using a e-cigarette can help reduce the urges, making quitting smoking entirely more manageable

Helping Smokers Quit Conventional Cigarettes

  • E-cigarettes serve as motivation for an individual to quit

Another important benefit that comes with e-cigs is the feeling of being empowered and in control. Smokers who try to quit “cold turkey” or use patches and gum often feel their confidence levels sink and their power to quit drain as the urge to smoke takes over. Taking a puff or two on the e-cigarette cuts the cravings and allows the individual to get a handle on his or her urges without having to smoke an entire cigarette. For this reason e-cigarettes are considered by many to be a positive smoking cessation device.

Other Considerations

Other Considerations

It’s important for those using e-cigs to realise that given how new e-cigarette technology is, limited studies or research are available to help validate any health claims. The health claims that are available are mostly subjective and have been reported by thousands of e-cig users. What we do know is that e-cigarettes are known to have significantly less toxins contained within them and are easier for a smoker to manage (i.e. a smoker isn’t tempted to smoke an entire cigarette and can manage their dosage). Click here to learn more about how e-cigarettes can help improve your health.

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