Bail Bonds In Houston TX – Your Best Bet For Freedom

Bail Bonds In Houston TX – Your Best Bet For Freedom

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I own a small hardware shop in down town Houston, Texas. I have been in this business for a while now and have made quite a few good friends within my own field. John (name changed) was amarketing guy who used to visit my business on a regular basis with new deals, offers and discounts his company has to offer. We gradually became good friends


Can’t Forget that Saturday

Over the years, there were quite a few occasions when John bailed me out from my financial problems. But as far as I remember, he never asked me for any kind of help until the wee hours of that Saturday. It was almost 3 AM when my phone started ringing. I was tired and sleepy, but somehow lifted the call. All my drowsiness vanished when I heard John’s voice at the other end, almost begging me to help him. He was calling from the jail down town!

bail bond fees may amount

He told me that he was arrested in an accident case and needed $15000 as bail fee. I was speechless. Though I did not know on which grounds he was exactly booked for, I certainly did know that I don’t have that kind of money.Unsure of how or where I can arrange the money from, I promised to bail him out at any cost.

Bail Bonds to the Rescue

Not knowing what to do I woke-up my wife who then suggested contacting OK Bail Bonds in Houston TX. She explained how one of her friends got booked in a similar case a couple of years back, but then got out of the jail the very next day with the help of bail bonds.

Man in jail

I understood that,with the help of bail bonds, there was no need to pay the entire bail amount in a singlego. I also came to know that the bail bond service providers are available 24 X 7, through the year, including weekends and holidays.

I did not waste a single minute, took the telephone directory and called one of the best bail bond service providers in greater Houston. One of their bail bond experts received my call, and started assisting me.

It’s easy!

As soon as all my queries were answered promptly and to the point, I knew, I chose the right agency. The bail bond agentinquired about the situation that led to the arrest. When I told him that I was not exactly sure on what grounds John was arrested, bail agent helped me to assess the situation by accessing data from the public records.

bail bond agentinquired

He also took a note of John’s full name (legal), date of birth, permanent address, current address, employment details, the date he was arrested, etc., for documentation purposes.

Flexible Payment Methods

I learnedrom the agent that the bail bond fees may amount up to 10% to 15% of the original bail fee. In John’s case it was 10%, which amounts to be $1500. I told the agent that I could only afford $900 at the moment and inquired if there was any other wayout to get my friend out of the jail as early as possible.

bail bond fees may amount

Understanding my situation, the agent offered me various payment plans of which I chose collateral. I decided toput up one of my private properties as collateral to secure the remaining $600 of the bond fee,plus the balance bail amount, $13500.

With the help of Bail Bonds In Houston TX, necessary documentation was presented promptly and bail out procedure ran smoothly. There were nohassles whatsoever.There were no financial hiccups or hidden costs involved in their fees as well. All transactions and documentation were transparent and crystal clear.

Good Days Are Back!

Once bailed out, John was able to find a good lawyer to fight his case. Getting out of the jail quickly also helped him to prepare well for the court hearings. Though there were some tense moments during the court trails,John was finally free. I am glad that I could be of help to him when he needed it the most.

Bail Bonds In Houston


Even today, he keeps thanking me for all the pain I have taken in getting him released, and I, in turn, thank the bail bond guys for their prompt assistance and unselfish guidance which helped both of us overcome our hurdles.

bail bond guys forassistance

Finally, good days are back!

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