Are Guests Coming to Stay? Here’s How to Prepare!

Are Guests Coming to Stay? Here’s How to Prepare!

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If you have friends that are planning to come and stay with you, it can be quite stressful in the run up. You will want to make sure that they are comfortable when they are staying with you and this means making sure that the house is adequately prepared. Getting a guest room ready takes time and effort but it will pay off when you see that your guests are happy in their accommodation. In this article we are going to give you some great ideas for preparing a guest bedroom that any visitor will fall in love with! Read on to find out more.

The Bed

First and foremost you will need to ensure that the bed is really comfortable and this may mean that it’s time to upgrade the existing bed. Some people choose a pull-out sofa bed so that they can use the guest room for other purposes when nobody is staying. This is a great choice but make sure that it is a top-quality bed with a comfortable mattress. Buy a set of bed linen that is solely for that bed and make sure it is all washed, pressed and smelling lovely and fresh. Choose plump pillows to guarantee a great night’s sleep and add a couple of cushions as a stylish design addition.


The Lighting

Getting the lighting right is really important in a guest room. Make sure that the ceiling lights are on a dimmer switch so that it can be adjusted accordingly, and also place a couple of bedside lamps on the bedside tables so that your guests can read easily in bed. Adding a string of fairy lights is a lovely idea as it really helps to set the right ambience and if you are feeling like making it extra special then dot some small candles and tea lights around too.

The Decor

Getting the decor right in the guest room is critical. It needs to be the right level of style and design without being too personal. Choose neutral shades where possible and perhaps look at some stylish designer wallpaper for a couple of the walls. The carpet should be a beautiful color and a high grade and recently washed and vacuumed so it looks and smells fresh. Adding a simply rug to the middle of the room can make for a very nice design twist. Think about borders that could run around the room and give it a splash of color, and also make sure that all walls and the ceiling have been recently painted. Little extra design elements such as beautiful curtains or drapes and stylish lampshades will give your guest bedroom the design edge that you are looking for.

designer wallpaper

Preparing a guest bedroom is a tricky job and it’s important to get it right, but it will be worth all of the work when you are able to put much-loved friends up in style and comfort while enjoying some quality time with them.  Look out though – you may find that they never want to leave!

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