A Wistful Collection of Charm Bracelets to Flatter Your Loved Ones

A Wistful Collection of Charm Bracelets to Flatter Your Loved Ones

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Pearls have an appeal that makes a woman look cherubic. They have remained famous all throughout history for their unique charm and captivating charisma. As gemstones, pearls denote purity, chastity and modesty. Hence, wearing a pearl ornament is not just a thing of fashion; it might even do good to you if you are born in the month of June.

Gifting a pearl bracelet is perhaps the best way to display your love and affection for a loved one. A Mother’s day or Valentine’s Day can be made memorable with a well chosen pearl ornament. Here are some of such exotic bracelet suggestions that you can gift to someone whom you value the most.

  1. Mora bracelet

Strung on a delicate and handsome jeweler’s wire, the Mora bracelet is a 100% freshwater pearl ornament made with naturally grown and harvested pearls. They match and exceed the most stringent standards of pearl grading. With a perfect round shape that has been created out of years of natural growing and harvesting techniques, this is the perfect pearl bracelet you can gift for a loved one who loves simplicity with a hint of sophistication.

Mora bracelet

  1. Jemima bracelet

Jemima bracelet leaves a splendid impression with the first glance itself. It is made of shiny metallic beads of pure freshwater pearls of white and black contrast. The size ranges from 6mm to 7mm and is a perfect choice for both formal and informal occasions.

  1. Donna bracelet

Donne bracelet is a gorgeous mix of white, pink and lavender bracelet to adorn your beautiful wrists. Wearing this bracelet will accentuate the impressive features of your wrists and fingers. It is elegant and is the best way to make an impression of your feminine beauty.

Donna bracelet

  1. Kaitlyn bracelet

Black has a mystic beauty that charms in a strange way. That is what Kaitlyn bracelet does to its owners. This silk thread hand strung bracelet comes with a knot between each pearl to avoid the pearls from rubbing against each other. Consider this as the final choice if you are thinking of using the bracelet on a daily basis and for a long time to come.

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