A Fast House Sale and No Delay

A Fast House Sale and No Delay

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If your dream home finally comes on the market and you have the ability to buy it then you must be able to act quickly. If it is your dream home it is likely to be someone else’s as well because it may well be one that stands out in the area.  Sometimes the news of its availability may reach far beyond local interest, perhaps even via agents to the whole country if it is particularly special.

Sell first

The one problem you may face is that you have your own property to sell and the market is fairly slow. You need to find an answer quickly if you are going to be in a position to go ahead.

It may well be one that comes from a fairly new player in the property game, a company that is buying property to satisfy the increasing demand for rental property throughout the UK.  This could be your perfect answer.

You will find such a company on the Internet and should be able to see how it operates within its website pages. The fact is that companies realise how effectively they can use the World Wide Web to market themselves. It means there are few secrets any more but equally it means that you will be able to do your research before ever making contact.

Fast House Sale

No obligation

When you do, you will still not be under any obligation. You can ask questions and even get an immediate valuation and cash purchase offer immediately afterwards. It will have cost you nothing but time and the final decision remains entirely yours.

Do the sums

There are two real questions to ask:

  • What is the price that I must pay to get the house of my dreams?
  • How does the valuation match up to my hopes?

The answer to these two questions can be summed up in whether the difference between the two is acceptable.

Reasons to agree

You may decide to give the Estate Agent one last chance. If the purchase offer is below expectation and your local agent has been trying to sell your home at a higher price you are likely to give him a chance to get you a better one. Or are you? Even if the agent gets serious interest, the beauty of the offer is that it involves no chain that can break down and speed is of the essence.

You may well be just one of a number of people after this new house and being in a position to proceed will give you a distinct advantage. You will be able to get the cash in your hand in about three weeks from first making your call without facing legal, agency or valuation fees. If you think that is too good to be true, think again.

You can wait for a long time for someone to buy your house, ideally you want it done fast.  It can be the difference in being able to buy your dream house or being disappointed.

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