5 Reasons Why Aparthotels Are So Popular

5 Reasons Why Aparthotels Are So Popular

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In today’s housing market, people are looking for new solutions for somewhere to live. One of the biggest trends right now are aparthotels because of the many benefits of using them. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why aparthotels are so popular. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

One of the many reasons why aparthotels are so popular is the fact that they come with a fully-equipped kitchen. Guests who are not planning on staying long term don’t want to have to invest in a lot of kitchen equipment, but they might want to cook themselves a meal from time to time. This is why aparthotels work so well because they offer their guests everything.

24-Hour Concierge

Some of the best aparthotels on the market right now such as the ones managed by Native Management offer 24-hour concierge service. This means that guests can be assisted with their travel arrangements as well as their social arrangements. No longer will guests have to go hunting for advice on the local area as the concierge will have all of the information that they need.

Extra Space

Guests who stay at aparthotels love doing so because of all of the extra space that they have. The space on offer at these locations is often a lot bigger than you would find in a hotel room so it is great for those who need a little extra space. Guests have the space that they need and so enjoy their stay in an aparthotel.


No one wants to have to do their laundry or tidy up their apartment when they are busy or are travelling. This is why aparthotels are becoming so popular as they offer full housekeeping services. Guests feel as though they are at home, but they don’t have to do any chores while they are there, and it is perfect.


The final reason that aparthotels are becoming so popular in 2018 is the fact that they are very cost-effective. This is because they are charged per apartment rather than per person as many hotels charge their guests. On top of this, there are plenty of extra features that come along with the price, so it makes the cost worth it in the long run. Long-term guests also find that there are benefits for longer stays. This is why they like to stay in aparthotels rather than hotels when travelling.

Final Verdict

Over the years, aparthotels have been becoming a lot more popular. It is clear that these sort of properties are the way forward and this is why many people are investing in them. These buildings are managed by professionals who know what their guests want and need throughout their stay. Aparthotels are only going to increase in the future so if you are thinking about investing in one then you should do it soon.

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