5 Essential Tips to Pick a Perfect Frame for Your Picture

5 Essential Tips to Pick a Perfect Frame for Your Picture

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The best way to sharing some of your most cherished memories and most liked pictures is putting up pictures of yourself and your family in frames. The frames are usually mounted on walls or placed on tables or desks. Picture frames also help remind one of good times and hence, the frame itself must be well thought of before you buy them.

Wrong Frames Can Ruin the Look of the Picture

A jarring frame that collides with the mood of the picture is sure to come in the way of good feelings when you look at a picture. Moreover, the frames must go well with the rest of the décor and reflect your personality and the picture it frames. In a commercial set up or an office space, the frames need to be sober, formal and still make a statement. Here are a few tips to help you pick a perfect frame for your picture:


Decide the Location

Would you be putting up the picture in a formal office setting, your living room that is done up in a contemporary style or an outdoor lounge containing a lot of wicker furniture? Check the space and decor; this will give you a good hint about the material and finish of the frame.

Decide the Location

The Kind of Picture to be Framed and What Goes Best

You must consider what exactly you are framing. How does the picture strike you as – casual, formal, or artsy? Then check what the medium is, is it a usual high definition photo quality picture of loved ones? Or an oil on canvas? Or an autographed photo? Or a football jersey? If it is a colourful piece, tone it down with a light coloured frame.

Kind of Picture to be Framed

If it’s a neutral piece, make sure you make it bold with bright coloured framed or bold designs. Here are a few tips to tell you what works the best for you –

  • Traditional paintings, like the ones of oil on canvas will look great in frames of ornately carved wood. If this is expensive, you can go for moulded gold or silver frames.  Linin linings will give it a vintage look.
  • Abstract art or modern art and photography can be framed in bold shapes with unique finishes. Make sure the colour of the frame foes not dominate the colours in the picture.

Abstract art or modern

  • Dramatic pictures, like that of weddings or dance will be beautifully showcased when framed in floater frames. These floater frames are made of canvas that has bars behind to which the photograph is mounted giving it a floating appearance within the frame.
  • The colour of the frame can help change the mood of the picture, from relaxing to exciting. It can also suggest the season, festival or place the picture depicts. You can pick frames with seasons art work (winter, summer, autumn), a festival art work (Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.) or an event based art work (wedding, baby shower, birthday etc.)

colour of the frame

  • If the picture has a casual feel, like a Birthday outing of friends, you can pick a frame colour that matches the colour of the birthday dress in the picture. Picking one dominating shade in the picture and framing the picture in the same shade will add a fun feel.


These are a few tips to help you pick a frame, if you still aren’t sure, then pick the good old design of a plane dark wood colour frame with the classic simple design. This style goes with just about any kind of picture.

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