5 Essential Alterations If Planning on Renting to the Elderly

5 Essential Alterations If Planning on Renting to the Elderly

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If you are planning on becoming a landlord you may find it more difficult than you first think, and finding suitable tenants can be difficult to do. However, there are ways to find suitable tenants while refusing to accept anybody who approaches you. Targeting a niche market is a good choice, and you could do a lot worse than the elderly. However, before being able to satisfy the needs of this type of tenant you will need to alter your premises, but don’t worry, the investment will reap you great rewards. Here are some of the alterations you will find vital.


If you have any steps leading to your property you are going to need them replaced with ramps and handrails. Being unable to lift your legs more than a few inches off the floor is a problem for a lot of older people, and having ramps ensures an easy egress and exit from their new home. Surprisingly inexpensive to install, this will impress any prospective tenant who approaches, and will show your willingness to provide for them.

Stair Lift

Unless you property is a bungalow, you are going to need to fit a stair lift. Though many older people can manage a set of stairs, it is often a time consuming and dangerous journey. Stair lifts can easily be fitted, and modern ones are streamlined to allow the stairs to be practical to other users. The days of stair lifts that take 5 minutes to reach the upper level are thankfully beyond us, and many people actually enjoy this mobility gadget.

Stair Lift

Wide Doors

If it is possible for you to widen the property’s doors you could find yourself with a queue of possible tenants. Most homes are not suitable for wheelchair users, and being able to navigate through doors can be a major headache. This little extra convenience will be appreciated by any wheelchair user, and will give them a little more independence around the home.

Walk in Bathing Facilities

Many of your target tenants will probably have been unable to get into a bathtub unaided for years, and though it sounds crazy to somebody unaffected by this, it is something that most elderly people miss. You can also fit showers that would be suitable, but if you really want to impress, a walk in bath is the way to do it. This kind of accessory is the type of thing that will have a tenant reaching for their pen to sign the contract. Whether it is a walk in bath or a handicapped shower, it will bring independence back to you tenant and, in the case of the bath, bring back a way of relaxing that they may have been denied for years.

Hand Rails

You should try to fit hand rails around the home, but try to position them strategically. Nobody wants to live in a home that is covered with handrails, but they are an important aid to people who are not very steady on their legs.

Hand Rails

You may think it expensive to alter a property like this, but once people know your property has been altered you can be sure of tenants for years to come.

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